In the beginning....

I feel like me again. I feel like I have self-control, that I am in control of how I react and act...I don't feel like things are happening "to me" anymore. I no longer feel like a victim. It's absolutely refreshing.

I've been working really hard on my "renewal" this year. I know we are only 15 days into January but it feels good.

Fitness:is going well. I am working out 3 times a week. I am trying to watch what I eat but I am not beating myself up when I have something that is not the best for me...however, I also don't try to blow the entire day. I used to say "this is my cheat day" I just say "cheat meal". That's a huge progression for me I believe! I also don't really consider it a "cheat"'s just a meal that I feel like eating. Moderation....moderation really is the key!

Finances: aren't going AS well. My husband and I really have a hard time with the spending thing. We really need to st…

One Word

Well, my sister inspired this, and since I saw her post about it, I now continuously think about it.

Instead of having a New Year's Resolution, I'm striving for more...I'm striving to live by One Word...

This word can describe the many things I plan on working on this year, and they all have to do with me. I used to think "Resolutions" were stupid. Most people give up too quickly into the new year. Making smaller goals may be a better idea. So while I have a bigger picture in mind, one that will take longer than a year, I'm going to focus on one word (Thank you, Sis) and really focus on renewing myself. What does "Renew" mean to me?
1) Renew my spiritual life - my relationship with God  2) Renew my bonds with my non-nuclear family  3) Renew my lifetime diet changes to ensure I become and stay healthy  4) Renew my (our) finances to ensure financial stability and being able to live like no one else.  5) Renew my mind...continue seeing my therapist and …

Week 1

Okay, so I started with "Day One", however,  I can barely keep my head afloat, it's highly unlikely I will write everyday, instead, my goal is to write once a week, for now.

A has been sleeping through the night the majority of this week. Last night she had a rough night, but for the most part she's been letting her Mommy get some sleep. She's doing this new hugging/kissing thing that is just so sweet, it melts my heart. I can't believe she is almost 10 months already.

H has been having a great week as well. She's really turned a corner with her tantrums. I think a lot of it has to do with how we are choosing to handle them. I am enjoying how much her vocabulary is exploding and being able to have conversations with her is just amazing. We had a "date" night tonight. She has really missed quality time with Mama. We went to Joann's Fabrics to get stuff for my sewing class (I AM SO EXCITED!) and then we went to Starbucks for a "Cake Pop&q…

Day One

I was told that writing again may be therapeutic. I'm not really sure if that is the case for me. I have a hard time being, what's the word for it? It's not so much truthful as it is...transparent. I know I am posting anonymously, but is really anything anonymous on the web?

I'm not really sure what I want to let out and what I want to admit to "the world" and to myself. So, why am I even doing this? Why not write in a journal with paper and pencil, or at the very least a document on the computer that isn't attached to the world wide web? In essence, I feel the same way about those avenues of writing as I do this one. 

I don't so much mind if "strangers" read and comment, I fear what my family will think of me. Let's be honest here, I don't really have any friends, so I'm not concerned about them. I mean, I have one really good friend, too bad I have never met her in person.

In college I used to blog almost daily. I enjoyed it. I…